I peed myself on a date: another awkward date story

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I peed myself on a date: another awkward date story

I am an incomplete paraplegic, and I peed myself on a date. This isn’t anything to be ashamed of: accidents happen. And I am okay with that.

The time I peed myself

This is about that time I peed myself on a date. But before I get to the juicy bit, let’s go back and cover some of this backstory. I’m classified as an incomplete paraplegic. I use a wheelchair and deal with incontinence issues (among other things that come with my conditions) daily.

In the weeks leading up to the time I peed myself on a date, I had been talking with this really sweet guy on a popular app dating app. When our schedules finally matched up, we agreed to meet for breakfast. The restaurant was busy, and the food was seriously good, but we were pretty much rushed out of there so other guests could sit down. Since things went well, and we wanted to continue talking, we met for a drink at a local LGBT resort/bar. Some great conversations followed, and I was having a great time!

Before we knew it, I had to leave for work. He insisted on walking me to my car, which would have been cool except I had a feeling something was up with my underwear situation. Now, it was a bright, hot, sunny day and I had light grey pants on… meaning every detail of my outfit was visible down to the stray white dog hair on my shirt I missed with the lint roller. As I prepared to transfer to my car, I stealthily brushed a hand under my bottom and…WET! I couldn’t believe it, I had peed myself on a date!

"I couldn’t believe it; I had peed myself on a first date!"

So here I am, talking with this guy while trying to hide a GIANT wet spot on my pants. Mid-transfer, he offers to help and walks closer to me. So now I’m really freaking out because I didn’t want to launch into the whole “I’m incontinent and wear products for that instead of traditional briefs or boxers” conversation with someone I just met.

Thankfully, I hastily got in my car and said my goodbyes through the window. I don’t know if he ever saw it, and to this day, he may or may not know about how I peed myself on our first date. If he did notice, then a huge thank you to him for not saying anything, because wow, was that embarrassing enough without any added commentary!

Lastly, I want to add that incontinence isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and accidents happen. When and how they happen, though, can definitely be mortifying!

Accidents happen, and sometimes I've just got to laugh and say, ‘Yep, I peed myself.’

"I am an incomplete paraplegic, and I peed myself on a date. This isn't anything to be ashamed of: accidents happen."

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Jordyn Gualdani

Jordyn Gualdani, the author of "I peed myself on a date: another awkward date story," is a young man who strives to bring awareness to, and educate others about various chronic conditions. He faces his obstacles with humor and blatant honesty.


My briefs leaked on a date. I know incontinence isn't anything to be ashamed of and accidents happen. When and how they happen though can definitely be mortifying! | Credit: Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash