Open Writing Submissions 2023

Open writing submissions 2022 and creative nonfiction submissions. Graphic features a femme with a wide-open smile. In front of their face is a mobile phone taking a photo of them. On their right is a sentence: "this is UR revolution, get uncomfortable"
Open writing submissions 2022


Do you know the awkward parts of what it’s like living with chronic illness?

Are you Disabled or living with a chronic illness?

If you’re someone living with a disability or you’re caring for someone with chronic illness, tell us your quirky, personal story.

We accept original and previously published writing submissions on an ongoing basis.

We publish creative nonfiction writing submissions and short stories

For our open writing submissions in 2023, we’re looking for engaging stories and anecdotes about disability and chronic illness that ignite the conversation in a playful, interactive way. In every format. We publish creative nonfiction, short stories, personal essays, photo essays, cartoons, animations, videos, or audio.

Creative nonfiction submissions can include travel writing, lifestyle writing, nature writing, science writing, sports writing, biography, autobiography, memoir, the interview, and both the familiar and personal essay. All you have to do is speak to issues relevant to the disability community and people affected by chronic illness.

Still not sure what to write about … 

What’s the most awkward, annoying, funny thing someone has said to you because of your illness or disability?What are some of the uncomfortable conversations you’ve had – but people without an illness or disability wouldn’t think about it?

Dating’s always been awkward. How does dating (*ahem* sex) with a chronic illness or disability rev it up a notch?

Have you experienced discrimination or medical bias because of a disability or chronic illness? Is there something that you’re tired of being ashamed of about your disability or chronic illness? What are the quirks only someone living with someone with chronic pain knows?

Did you ever buy someone with a chronic condition a gift that went totally wrong? Fiction submissions and non-fiction submissions welcome

Join our growing community of revolutionary disabled writers, changing the way we talk about chronic illness and disability one article at a time.

All writers are given their own personal profile page, which features their bio and social media links.

All published authors will receive a $25 URevolution diversity gift card as an honorarium for their contribution to the magazine. 

For our open writing submissions in 2023 we only accept submissions through our online form:

Cover for the upcoming issue on sex. A yellow rolled up condom sits on a bright pink background. The words "Sex: let's talk about it" are on the photo in white text.
Current Issue


Send us your personal stories about sex and how your chronic condition or disability cranks it up a notch. No detail too awkward!  Creative fiction writing submissions about sex, disability, and chronic illness will also be considered.