Diversity and Inclusion Promotional Items

Looking for branded Diversity Swag for your corporate diversity programs?

Looking for ways to promote Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace? Looking for the best value but original branded diversity items for events? Looking for DEI custom branded promotional products?

Diversity branding matters and we can help you stand out from the crowd.

Get in touch! All our DEI diversity and inclusion swag is available for bulk discount and Direct-To-Garment logo placement. We work with companies and organizations of all sizes to develop custom-branded Diversity and Inclusion promotional items for corporate events, trainings, or giveaways.

Branded diversity swag items for events: URevolution branded diversity inclusion merchandise - Black Tote that says "If you Embrace Diversity but Ignore Disability, You're Doing it Wrong" in all white caps. The back view has a placeholder logo.

Diversity swag: the URevolution DEI advantage

Don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk. If you're really committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, then let it show all the way through to your supply chain. Your customers want to know that you source ethically and support minority-owned businesses.

We're a Disabled, Black, woman-owned business, and your purchase of our diversity swag supports our mission to change media representation of disability and chronic illness. 

Photo of Uncomfortable Revolution Diversity and Inclusion Promotional Items Tote Bag Inspiration - Weekender in Khaki with UR Inclusion Icon taking up ¾ of the bag. The word INCLUSION is written in all caps in rainbow colors. Among the letters are four characters: one plus sized person with glasses and a cane, one person with one arm wearing a turban, one person with long hair and a prosthetic leg, and one person with an afro, seated in a wheelchair. A placeholder logo is at the top of the bag.

Sleek, contemporary diversity swag designs 

Our diversity and inclusion swag designers are always sketching, doodling, and coming up with sleek, new designs that represent Diversity and Inclusion. Looking for a custom shopping bag with logo? We have you covered.

Our goal is to create diversity items that people LOVE and actually want to use, including: diversity and inclusion clothing, disability awareness shirts, diversity stickers, diversity and inclusion gifts, diversity pins, etc.

If there are no diversity and inclusion promotional items in our store that you like, we will work with you to design some unique diversity swag just for your brand. Seriously, set up a creative consultation call with us, and let us get to work! We make unique branded items for events.


Photo of Uncomfortable Revolution Diversity and Inclusion Promotional Items Inclusive Logo - Photo of backpack, phone case and journal in UR Jungle Orange print, which has a fabric pattern that is orange with royal blue leaves. There is a white vertical strip that has INCLUSIVE written vertically with three letters per line. The strip takes up one third of the front area of the pouch.

No diversity swag left behind

All of our DEI merchandise is available for bulk discount and Direct-To-Garment logo placement. But, if there's other DEI merchandise you're thinking of, get in touch as we have some amazing promotional swag ideas for you.

We have a huge catalog of Diversity Equity Inclusion products that we can create just for you. Set up a call to discuss your diversity swag needs by sending us a message below so we can get to work on your DEI project!

There is no DEI design or product we can't do for you. Just get in touch and let us design your custom diversity swag.

Photo of person wearing Uncomfortable Revolution Diversity and Inclusion Promotional Branding Be Inclusive T Shirt. The T shirt is white with text in all black caps that says, If you can be anything, be inclusive. The word inclusive is in rainbow colors.

Let's discuss your next Diversity and Inclusion branding project.

URevolution is a U.S. Black woman-owned social enterprise. Bring diversity and inclusion promotional items into your supply chain. Get in touch and tell us about your project, how many diversity swag items you need and when you'd like them delivered by.


"Diversity is a journey not an event"

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is not an one-off initiative but a transformational journey that we can help you with