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If you can be anything, Be Inclusive.™
URevolution® is a Black, disabled, woman-owned social enterprise on a mission to tell better stories about life with chronic illness or disability. We run a magazine that empowers disabled people to tell their own stories. Your purchase supports that.


Two side by side yellow, monochrome photos of the same black woman with dreadlocks wearing a sweatshirt. The photo on the left is a Neurodivergent sweater and the one on the right is a sweater that says INCLUSIVE.

We started with the question: what if we weren't ashamed of disability or chronic illness?

We’re a husband and wife team living with chronic illness and disability. Corinne identifies as neurodivergent and Brendan lives with chronic myeloid leukemia and peripheral neuropathy. We found that navigating social situations - and life, in general - was just plain difficult. So we started with some questions.

What if we didn't have to hide it, or even "overcome" it? What if the whole world thought that way? Sounds simple, but we still live in a world where there isn't a strong culture that highlights disability or chronic illness in a positive or authentic way. We never see ourselves in the media. And when we do, it's usually some stereotypical representation. After launching a lifestyle magazine for people living with chronic illness or disability in Spring 2018, we wanted to find a way to create a visual culture around disability - and a kickass one at that. 

Celebrating inclusion. 

We want to create things that celebrate what makes us different. We want people to proudly identify and make no apologies for who they are. 

A woman model with Downs Syndrome wears an Uncomfortable Revolution Inclusion Tee-shirt in white. The Inclusion logo spells the word INCLUSION in all caps in rainbow colors. There are four characters walking among the letters: one is a plus-sized woman wearing glasses and carrying a cane. The other is a young man in a turban. The other is a female wearing a prosthetic leg. The fourth character is a woman with an afro seated in a wheelchair.

The future is inclusive.

URevolution is the lifestyle brand of the future: where Body Positivity includes our medical conditions, neuro-diversity, and 'mismatched' bodies. Where diversity transcends ticking some boxes like a marketing experiment. Where everyone is welcome and represented no matter their ability, color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

We know we have a way to go when it comes to 100% inclusive sizes. We can't accomplish this fast enough, but believe us when we say it's the brand we are working hard to build. Your purchase helps bring us closer to that vision.

Stay in the know.

We're always sketching, designing, doodling, and so we add new items to the shop pretty frequently, so be sure to stay in touch so we can tell you when we have new gear. And, if you’re an artist living with chronic illness or disability and you’d like to collaborate, we’d love to hear from you. To submit a design, request a custom order, or say hello, contact us.


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