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Inclusion pouch


Inclusion pouch

There is only one way to be the individual that is you, and you should be celebrated. Do it in style with our original Inclusion pouch.

These Inclusion pouches are durable and lightweight with a zipper pull closure that comes in either black or white. We especially love these for storing odds and ends.

  • 100% durable polyester. Made from specially pinned polyester threads. It retains its shape, doesn't wrinkle, and doesn't need ironing. 
  • T-bottom 2,5 inches long
  • With non-laminated lining
  • The inclusion pouch has a durable matching zipper closure with a  gold color puller 
Inclusion Pouch Small Large
Width, in 2.6 2.88
Length, in 8 12.29
Height, in 4.53 6.93


Inclusion pouch

*Bulk orders and custom sizes are available for all of our Inclusion pouches. Contact us.