Glossary of Awkward - A modern lexicon for life with cancer


Glossary of Awkward - A modern lexicon for life with cancer

The funny cancer book of 2019!

If you’ve ever had the urge to punch someone talking about cancer, we can tell you that violence is never the answer. This here book is!

Finally, a bound volume of funny cancer cartoons documenting the wildly uncomfortable situations that arise when dealing with cancer. 

If you missed the book on Kickstarter? We've got you covered. Get your copy now. 

  • 6 x 5 inches 
  • Linen hardcover with debossed gold foil 
  • 130 pages

This book contains explicit language (a few swear words).


What readers are saying about Glossary of Awkward on Amazon

“The Glossary of Awkward is a must-have for family and friends of anyone who has cancer. It offers an honest and refreshing take on what are traditionally uncomfortable conversations and gives you the tools to actually help the people you love who are struggling without minimizing their feelings or experience in any way, shape or form.” — Jenni

“I bought it for a friend whose mother has cancer. It’s a little bit of cheer wrapped up in a whole lot of compassion.” — Janissa

“So helpful to most, to me, to anyone who is experiencing the “How can my words deliver as much comfort that I want them to have...” — Alice T.

“As a friend, family member, or caretaker of someone with cancer, you don’t always know what to say. This book opens you up to their perspective and helps you understand how statements can have a negative impact, even if not intended. Fun and easy to ready, it’s mostly a guide to help you steer in a difficult time.” — Doris