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B&W Be Inclusive Pouch


B&W Be Inclusive Pouch

These black and white Be Inclusive accessory pouches are durable and lightweight with a zipper pull closure that comes in either black or white. We especially love these for storing pencils, makeup, or your travel essentials.

  • 100% Polyester. Made from specially pinned polyester threads. It retains its shape, doesn't wrinkle, and doesn't need ironing. 
  • T-bottom 2,5 inches long
  • With non-laminated lining
  • Be Inclusive Pouch has a durable matching zipper closure with a gold color puller

Be Inclusive Pouch  Small Large
Width, in 2.6 2.88
Length, in 8 12.29
Height, in 4.53 6.93


B&W Be Inclusive Pouch 


Our original B&W Be Inclusive pouch is designed by a Black neurodivergent artist, Corinne Gray who embraces diversity and promotes inclusion in all its forms.


Bulk order and logo placement are available for our B&W Be Inclusive pouches: Contact us!