Celebrate Disability Pride Month

Showcasing disability pride merchandise: Black queer disabled, lesbian in rainbow colours in wheelchair highlights intersection of LGBT Pride Month and Disability Pride Month

"Embrace the intersection of Pride and Diversity with our LGBTQ+ Disability Merchandise Collection. Celebrate individuality and champion inclusivity with URevolution."

Whether you're commemorating Disability Pride Month or simply want to celebrate the beautiful tapestry of human diversity, our shoppable items are here to make a statement. Explore our captivating collection of LGBTQ+ disability pride merchandise, carefully curated to embody inclusivity, diversity, and the spirit of celebration. At URevolution, we understand the power of disability pride and the importance of fostering an inclusive society. Join us in embracing the intersectionality of diverse identities with our vibrant array of disability pride-themed products.

"Intersectionality cannot be forgotten ... As June ends and July begins, we should all be putting up our disability pride flags right alongside our LGBTQ+ rainbow flags, and they should be kept up all year ... intersectionality cannot be forgotten."

Sick in the City

Discover Unique Identity

Each product in our LGBTQ+ disability pride merchandise collection encapsulates the resilience, strength, and vivacity of disabled individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. 

We believe that disability is not a flaw but a remarkable aspect of individual identity that deserves to be embraced and celebrated. 

Our collection offers a platform for individuals who proudly identify as disabled and LGBTQ+ to showcase their authentic selves and express their pride and individuality. 

Inclusive Selection

Step into our world of inclusivity, where you'll find an extensive range of disability pride-themed items.

From expressive t-shirts and captivating accessories to thoughtfully crafted home decor and more, each product conveys a powerful message about the significance of representation and inclusivity.

Our selection of disability pride merchandise is a testament to the diverse experiences and challenges faced by disabled individuals within the LGBTQ+ community.

Raising Awareness

By proudly displaying disability pride through our merchandise, we aim to spark conversations, raise awareness, and shed light on the unique journeys and obstacles faced by disabled individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. We invite you to join us in promoting inclusivity, acceptance, and the celebration of all identities. Together, we can foster a society that values diversity, champions equality, and respects the rights of every individual.

Disability Pride: a powerful catalyst for societal change

Disability Pride Merchandise can serve as a powerful catalyst for societal change, shifting attitudes from pity or charity to acceptance, celebration, and equal opportunities.

By exploring our LGBTQ+ disability pride merchandise collections at URevolution, you actively contribute to the creation of a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable society for all. 

Wear your support for the LGBTQ+ disabled community proudly and join us in embracing the beautiful tapestry of human diversity.

A person in a wheelchair is wearing a white Break the Mold Shirt. In the middle of the short is a graphic of zebra in the silhouette of a barcode. The top half of the zebra are vertical black stripes, which then change just below the back into the colors of the rainbow. The bottom of each stripe has a paint drip mark. Just above the zebra
“Break The Mold”

The Importance of Disability Pride:

Embracing Authenticity: Disability pride encourages disabled individuals to embrace their authentic selves without shame or stigma, fostering a sense of belonging within the disabled community.

Challenging Stereotypes: By challenging negative stereotypes and misconceptions, disability pride showcases the strengths, talents, and unique perspectives of disabled individuals, dispelling the notion that disability equates to limitations.

Promoting Inclusion: Disability pride advocates for an inclusive society that values the rights and dignity of ALL individuals, creating accessible environments and opportunities for full participation.

Empowering Disabled Voices: Disability pride empowers individuals with disabilities to advocate for their rights, have a voice, and actively shape policies and decisions that affect them, fostering a sense of empowerment within the disabled community. Read our collection of stories by disabled people.

Intersectionality: Recognizing the intersectionality of different identities, disability pride celebrates and supports individuals who embody multiple identities, such as being disabled and LGBTQ+, creating spaces that honor these intersecting experiences.

"Pride should strive to honor and recognize the lives of all people who identify as LGBTQ, and that certainly includes people with disabilities."

Sarah Kim

Become a powerful ally: embrace disability pride merchandise to support disabled and LGBTQ+ individuals

Wearing disability pride merchandise is a fashion statement and a powerful way to demonstrate your allyship and support for disabled and LGBTQ+ individuals. By proudly donning these inclusive symbols, you show the world that you stand with these communities and believe in their rights, dignity, and equal opportunities.

Disability pride merchandise serves as a conversation starter, allowing you to engage with others and raise awareness about the unique experiences and challenges faced by disabled individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. It sends a clear message of acceptance, celebration, and inclusivity, fostering an environment where all identities are embraced and respected.

As an ally, wearing disability pride merchandise is a tangible way to contribute to the ongoing fight for a more inclusive and equitable society. It shows that you value diversity, advocate for inclusivity, and are committed to creating positive change. So, join the movement, wear your support proudly, and let your fashion be a catalyst for social transformation.

Join us at URevolution and proudly wear your support for the LGBTQ+ disabled community! Visit our full collection of original disability pride merchandise and let the world know that disability pride matters. Together, we can make a difference.