Our Stories - Video Series

Our Stories- a mental illness web series by Kelly Paoli. Ten people share their own raw stories of living with mental illness.

Our Stories - mental illness web series

Our Stories is an original mental illness web series by Kelly Paoli. In the raw and confronting series, ten individuals share their own stories of living with mental illness in an evocative and personal way.

Depression, Anxiety and Mental Health

"Fighting a battle against yourself that no one will ever see is incredibly exhausting." In this first episode of Our Stories, David shares his deeply personal experiences of anxiety, depression, loss, and recovery.

Depression Growing Up

"Fighting a battle against yourself that no-one will ever see is incredibly exhausting." In this second episode of Our Stories, Joy shares their deeply personal experiences of depression at high school, the stigma of depression within their family, and how the intervention of a teacher possibly saved her life.

Do labels matter when it comes to mental illness

In this third episode of Our Stories, Chris discusses his experiences of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and why labels don't always matter.

Does mental illness run in my blood?

In this fourth episode of Our Stories, Olivia discusses their family's history of mental illness and how that experience affected them as an adult and shaped their attitude to therapy. Shaped by childhood experience, Olivia felt the need to continually be in relationships, often abusive and harmful.

Your thoughts make you believe shit

In the fifth episode of Our Stories, Jarred reveals how his anxiety disorder and panic attacks affected his relationships. His insights into his illness will surprise you.

The video contains imagery and stories pertaining to eating disorders that may be triggering to some audiences.

What is it like having an eating disorder

"I had all of these intense feelings I couldn't get rid of. And the only time I was able to get a bit of peace, was by throwing up."

In the sixth episode of Our Stories, Charis describes her life living with an eating disorder, what it felt like, and how her journey to recovery started.

This episode contains references to suicide, which might be triggering for some viewers.

Depression and suicidal tendencies

“Sometimes my day gets so lonely, so sad …” Demi

Anxiety and depression: can therapy really help?

"I got situational depression. I couldn't get out of bed. I would cry at the drop of a hat."

This episode contains references to rape and sexual assault, which might be triggering for some viewers.

Rape and mental health

“Every day I felt like I couldn’t breathe…” Jess

Jess describes how she was raped and how this experience affected her mental health.

This video contains imagery and references to PTSD that might be triggering to some viewers.

What does a PTSD critical incident look like?

Lucy describes her work with the Canada Border Services Agency and the moments leading up to the critical event that triggered her eventual PTSD diagnosis.

What does PTSD recovery look like?

“If I ever could survive the things that I've survived, I know that the other people can too. And I know how dark it gets for people.” Lucy

Director: Kelly Paoli  Director of Photography: Jonathan Choi  Editor: Kelly Paoli   Composer: Milen Petzelt-Sorace. Executive Producers: Brendan McDonald and Corinne Gray