Three essential updates after encountering employee injury

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Three essential updates after encountering employee injury

One of the worst possible outcomes for any business is to witness anyone within your workplace suffer an injury, not only because it points to a failure of your safety planning, but because seeing a trusted colleague managing such a difficult eventuality is harsh. Of course, not all workplace injuries are the fault of the business.

It might just be that the employee positioned a ladder incorrectly, or failed to wear the appropriate safety gear. Still, supporting them through their recovery is essential, no matter the accident. Of course, if you genuinely haven’t been at fault, then there’s nothing unethical about defending your business through legal means. However, if you were at fault, then gracefully accepting the consequences is essential.

It’s also important to consider how to move on from the incident and use it as a lesson, no matter if the employee stays with your firm or not. In this post, we’ll discuss three measures you can use to plan for the future, and update your systemic approach to prevent like incidents in the future.

Document the incident thoroughly

It’s not just about ascribing accountability, but about understanding the full mechanics of what happened and if it could have been avoided. It’s always smart to assume something different could have happened because it lets you focus on what can be learned. Perhaps the area wasn’t well-lit enough. Maybe a wet floor sign was less visible from the area in which your employee slipped. Either way, it’s essential to document every piece of data so you can present this to your insurance or legal defense where needed. From there, your investigation can begin.

Review safety protocols & procedures

It’s helpful to review and reassess your safety protocols and procedures after such a shock. This means examining existing measures to identify any gaps or weaknesses that may have contributed to the incident - sometimes there are more than you realize. Perhaps you could have benefited from better commercial railings , or your training program was inadequate. Even if nothing really seems out of place, you can still curate warnings to prevent a like incident from occurring in future, perhaps a reminder to secure ladders before climbing them on a sign outside your exterior wall for roof access.

Communicate updates to staff & stakeholders

If you don’t communicate rumors will gather, and they’re hardly going to be flattering to your firm. You can clearly communicate any updates or changes to safety protocols, procedures, or policies that result from the incident over time, allowing you to show you care and you’re providing the best forward forward.

This ensures that everyone is aware of the measures being taken to address the situation and prevent the same thing happening again. Transparency and openness will inspire trust and confidence among employees, demonstrating that their safety is a top priority for the management. Sometimes, that can help begin the journey of the team healing and focusing on the future.

With this advice, you’re certain to implement these essential updates after encountering an employee injury.