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Kate Jennings

Kate Jennings

Kate Jennings always thought she was a writer, but didn’t believe it until her kidneys went into failure and showed her they don’t always have it in for her… kinda.

After having to give up the working game, followed by much procrastination and time spent staring into the abyss, her kidneys recovered a small amount of function that meant transplant time wasn’t in her very near future. So instead of whiling her hours away watching The Real Housewives, Kate took up her pen and started a little blog called The Indisposed which aims to talk about illness and disability like a boss!

With a plethora of crap wrong with her, Kate wanted to share her experiences of living with long-term health issues in hopes to help others with whatever crap they have going on with them, as well as share their stories too… because sharing is caring.

Illness and disability sucks the big one, but The Indisposed is here to let you know that just because you’re indisposed, doesn’t mean you’re not capable of great things!