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Connie Chu

A native of San Francisco, California, Connie Chu doesn't let her disability define her. She is a self-published author of short stories and poetry. She has two novellas under her belt. She started writing way before she published her first book in high school for the school's literary magazine. When she reached community college, she continued writing for the literary magazine. At both schools, she was one of the editors. Her favorite genre to write is science-fiction. Other genres include kids and women empowerment because people of color aren't the only groups who need empowerment.

What got her into storytelling was because her family wouldn't tell her bedtimes stories, so she invented her own bedtime stories in her head that came from her fantasy world. Of course, they were all inspired by books, TV shows and movies she loved watching as a mere child. Even though her parents didn't tell bedtime stories, her grandmother told wondrous stories of times before she moved to America. Those stories inspired her to invent a world of her own;, only thing was she fell asleep before she finished inventing her lil utopian world!