Brain injury poems: Karma speaks to my soul

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Poem about brain damage: an illustration of a toucan sitting on a branch in a forest with blood all over it's beak. The words

Brain Injury Poems

Karma Speaks To My Soul

My name is brain injury,

I’m here to teach you many things,

You must learn patience

And persistence,

You must learn that beauty

Isn’t skin deep,

And that spoken words

Fade away into the ether,

That you can write,

And create beautiful art

Life won’t be easy for you,

You will have to endure a lot of intolerable pain,

You’ll have to have lots of physical therapy,

You’ll have to wear braces on your legs.

You will have a severe speech impairment,

It will be with you for your entire life,

You will have to learn

To love yourself,

It will take many years: 

After you learn that your own 

Spirit is always within you,

And that same Spirit is in others-

You’ll be joyful, and love will

Spill into your artwork and writing,

So you must never give up

 Always remember your aspirations — 

Try each day to begin anew –

Even if it takes many 

Sunrises, rainy days… 

Always remember who you are:

You are love, you are a song,

You are a queen, you are an artist,

You are heart and soul,

You are fearless, and you are hope

For parents of children with cerebral palsy.

Karma, can I say something?

I don’t want to be this person!

I want an easier life,

What did I do to deserve

So much body karma?

I don’t want to be an “inspiration”!

Go away; here comes my mother.

My Child, if you can bear the pain,

You’ll be greatly rewarded,

I’m sorry, I can’t reduce this karma.

Then, piss off!

Article by
Tamar Raine

Tamar Raine lives with cerebral palsy, two cats, and soon, a dog. She is a prolific artist who has written numerous brain injury poems. She has cruised the online spaces starting with compu$erve starting in 1984. She is a lifelong activist for all kinds of causes.


Brain injury poems: "You will have to endure a lot of pain,. You'll have to have lots of physical therapy,. You'll have to wear braces on your legs..." | ©Dani Blázquez / Behance Creative Commons