How can business owners improve their mental health at work

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A person knows how to protect their mental health when running a business by meditating

How can business owners improve their mental health at work

Many people find their mental health issues are triggered by life in the workplace. Working in an environment not equipped to meet your needs, and having a boss less than sensitive to mental illnesses, can turn your working life into a nightmare. 

While a lot of work is happening right now toward improving mental health in the workplace, there is still a long way to go before the challenges of being an employee while dealing with mental health issues receive the recognition it needs. For these reasons, many people leave behind their negative experiences in the workplace and seek to make a career in a way that helps them nurture their mental health rather than harm it. This path leads many people to launch their own businesses.

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Being an entrepreneur brings many distinct advantages; not needing to answer to a boss that does not respect or understand your mental health needs is one of the main benefits. But launching your own business is not all plain sailing, and you may need to make adjustments along the way to protect your mental well-being. The good news is that there are many potential opportunities to take care of your mental health while running a successful business; here are some ideas for you to consider:

Proactively ease your workload

If you are someone that puts a lot of pressure on yourself to carry out every task singlehandedly, now is the time to consider things differently. If stress triggers your condition, it makes sense to find ways to reduce the burden of a heavy workload. 

Minimizing the amount of work you need to fit into each day is an excellent way to ease the pressure you place on yourself. Using software to assist you can provide an ideal solution to this issue. Programs such as quickbooks pro 2022 will help to make admin tasks such as keeping up with your business accounts a lot easier, less time-consuming, and far less stressful.

Stop multitasking

Multitasking may seem like a useful way to get lots done. However, in reality, multitasking can be a source of significant stress and make you feel more under pressure. Instead of attempting to do everything at once and adding to your mental load, focusing on one thing at a time is helpful. Working your way through your tasks methodically without doing too much at the same time can make it far easier for you to cope with your workload and keep your stress levels low.

"Multitasking reduces your efficiency and performance because your brain can only focus on one thing at a time. When you try to do two things at once, your brain lacks the capacity to perform both tasks successfully."

Travis Bradberry

Connect with other small business owners

Building connections with other small business owners can be an excellent way to feel supported in your entrepreneurial journey. Speaking to friends and family members about the pressures of running a business can be helpful, but ultimately, you may find that they don’t understand the specific stress that you face each day. Connecting with other business owners via networking groups online or in person can provide a valuable opportunity to connect with others that understand, which will help you to feel more supported. 

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Jessica White

Jessica holds a MA in feminist literature and for a long time wrote a successful personal mental health blog while running a small business.


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