Diversity branded merchandise for corporate diversity programs

Diversity branded merchandise: a group of diverse women are standing in a line smiling.

Diversity inclusion merchandise with customized branding can totally transform any DEI corporate workshop or event. | Photo Credit: @rawpixel.com/Adobe Stock

Diversity branded merchandise for corporate diversity programs

Elevate your DEI program with diversity branded merchandise

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) through branded merchandise is a powerful and cost-effective strategy to ensure your employees and partners engage with your brand on a daily basis.

Building a strong brand with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion leaves a lasting impression on customers, offering them something memorable and familiar to seek out when making choices in the market. Effective DEI branding communicates your values and identity, making it easier for customers to connect with your business.

By offering your employees DEI-focused branded merchandise and promotional products, you can further enhance your brand recognition and association, fostering a positive image as a company committed to diversity and inclusivity. Developing your brand into one that resonates with employees and consumers requires dedication and effort, and utilizing DEI-branded merchandise plays a key role in this journey. This is why you need to get your DEI corporate-branded merchandise right.

URevolution's disability merchandise and inclusive designs are crafted with passion, reflecting our mission to revolutionize media representation of disability and chronic illness. Founded by Corinne Gray, a neurodivergent Black woman, we take pride in offering a vast array of diversity inclusion products that people LOVE and cherish. Let's explore the importance of branded diversity merchandise for corporate diversity programs and how it can create an unforgettable experience at DEI corporate events.

"Diversity merchandise for workplace inclusion: Where branding meets belonging, and inclusion becomes a statement."

What is branded merchandise?

At its most basic, branded merchandise is any product with a logo or any other identity of a company printed on it with a motive to promote a brand that comes under the branded merchandise category. 

DEI corporate branded merchandise refers to a range of thoughtfully designed and customized products that incorporate your DEI themes and are used by companies to represent their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. These merchandise items typically bear the company's logo as well as specific DEI-related messages. They are strategically utilized for various purposes, including corporate events, employee trainings, giveaways, and promotional campaigns. DEI corporate branded merchandise plays a crucial role in reinforcing a company's values, creating brand recognition, and fostering a positive image as an advocate for diversity and inclusion within its organization and beyond.

Example of diversity branded merchandise: the front of an inclusion tote bag
DEI branding ideas include logo placement on diversity totes n things

Diversity merchandise for DEI corporate events

URevolution's unique diversity inclusion merchandise, including DEI phrases like 'If you can be anything, Be Inclusive' and 'If embrace diversity, but ignore disability, you're doing it wrong,' can make a powerful statement at corporate DEI events when branded with a corporate logo. Enhancing your corporate branding with these thoughtful designs helps your products or services stand out and exemplifies your company's personality and dedication to DEI.

If there are no diversity and inclusion promotional items in our store that you like, we will work with you to design some unique diversity swag just for your brand. Set up a creative consultation call with us, and let us get to work! We make unique branded items for DEI events.

Promoting DEI commitments through inclusion branding

At URevolution, we believe in reflecting your DEI commitments through our inclusion branding. By sourcing ethically and supporting minority-owned businesses when purchasing diversity merchandise, you send a powerful message to your customers about your dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Engage in direct-to-garment logo placement, custom embroidered logos, and customized branding to strengthen your brand recognition and create an original collection of diversity merchandise that aligns with your core values.

Example of diversity branded merchandise: the front and back of black tote bag
Customizable DEI Swag“If you embrace diversity but ignore disability you're doing it wrong.”

Cohesive inclusion branding for DEI events

To ensure your DEI event branding is cohesive, we provide an extensive network of independent graphic designers who will create visually appealing designs. With color themes, font styles, writing styles, imagery, illustrations, and taglines tailored to your specific program, your branding will make a lasting impression on employees and customers alike. Consistency is key, and we make sure your existing corporate branding takes priority in incorporating a unique targeted event brand.

Example of diversity branded merchandise: an embrace diversity poster on a white tiled wall
DEI corporate branded merchandise options include: inclusion posters, diversity posters, and DEI posters. 

"Branding diversity merchandise for your corporate DEI event is much more than just placing a corporate logo on a tote bag or a t-shirt."

Empower your supply chain with diversity merchandise

Embrace a supply chain that reflects your DEI commitments by utilizing a disabled, Black, minority woman-owned business. By partnering with us to make your diversity branded merchandise, you support our mission to change media representation of disability and chronic illness through our diversity and inclusion disability magazine.

URevolution empowers you to make a positive impact as you support our social enterprise's mission while promoting diversity and inclusion. Take advantage of bulk discounts and explore our vast catalog of products that can be customized to match your vision perfectly.

Elevate your corporate commitments with URevolution®'s branded diversity merchandise. Stand out at DEI corporate events, support minority-owned businesses, and promote workplace inclusion through our thoughtfully designed disability and diversity inclusion products. Let your branding speak volumes about your dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Contact us today to discuss your next DEI project and make a difference with our impactful diversity merchandise. There is no design or product we can't do for you. Just get in touch.