Open call for creative nonfiction submissions about mental health

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Mental health magazine submissions: a cartoon illustration of two brains with little legs and arms. The yellow brain on the left is chasing a red brain on the right who is yelling put,

Open call for creative nonfiction submissions about mental health

We welcome writing and art from people with lived experiences of various mental health challenges, mental illness, madness, autism, and neurodiversity. 

We publish original and curated mental health articles.

We accept creative nonfiction submissions on mental health issues and related stories.

Send us your mental health submissions for publication

Time to get writing and send us your creative nonfiction submissions. 

One of our core focus issues is on mental health and mental illness, and we are ready to get uncomfortable and talk about any aspect of living with mental illness. 

Don’t hold back. Give us all the awkward details, like:

  • What kinds of awkward conversations does your mental illness cause you to have, or avoid?
  • What do you wish you could really tell people about your condition?
  • What are some of the myths about mental illness and mental health do you want to kill, lay to rest, and hold a memorial for?
  • How can friends, parents, partners, doctors, or bosses be supportive of people living with mental illness?
  • Why do you think it’s so d#amn hard to talk about mental illness? How can we change that?
  • And anything else that touches on the topic of mental health

Get creative! Submit your creative nonfiction submissions here!

All writers are given their own personal profile page, which features their bio and social media links.

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Revolutionary Writer, Jes, calls the bipolar part of her brain an "asshole". What's your brain like? | ©URevolution / adapted from baluchis