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Do you know the awkward parts of what it’s like living with chronic illness? Are Disabled or living with a chronic illness? If you’re someone living with a disability or you’re caring for someone with chronic illness, tell us your quirky, awkward story!

Help us make the world a more uncomfortable place

We’re looking for totally awkward stories and anecdotes about chronic medical illness and disability that ignite the conversation in a playful, interactive way. In every format. Submit blogposts, photo essays, cartoons, animations, videos, or audio.

Not sure you’ve got what it takes to be part of the revolution? You do if you have answers to any of these questions…

  • What’s the most awkward, annoying, funny thing someone has said to you because of your illness or disability?
  • What are some of the conversations you’ve had – but people without an illness or disability wouldn’t think about?
  • Dating’s always been awkward. How does dating (*ahem* sex) with a chronic illness or disability rev it up a notch?
  • What are the quirks only someone living with someone with chronic pain knows?
  • Did you ever buy someone with a chronic condition a gift that went totally wrong?

Tell us about it. Your quirky, inspiring story could lead the way.

Join our growing community of revolutionaries, changing the way we talk about health one awkward blogpost at a time.

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Send us your stories about sex and how your chronic condition cranks it up a notch. No detail too awkward!

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