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Ethan Hirschberg

Ethan Hirschberg

Ethan Hirschberg is 17-years-old. When he was two, he was diagnosed with high functioning autism. Today he is an aspiring author, amongst other pursuits.

Ethan's diagnosis has not limited him or his life goals. He lives with his parents, little brother, and two Goldendoodles! Because of his special needs, he fights more with his brother than other siblings, but they still make it work. His family is his rock.

Ethan loves to write, especially on his blog: The Journey Through Autism. Besides writing and school, he practices martial arts, cooks, and runs his own business. As a hyper-focus, entrepreneurship is something that he has been involved in since he was ten. He recently founded his own businesses.

When he finishes high school, Ethan plans to go to college, where he plans to major in either psychology, political science, and/or business, as well as doing a minor in English literature. After college, he wants to go to graduate school and eventually have a career helping people.