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Theo Scott | 2018 Uncomfortable Revolution Fellow

Theo Scott

U Revolution Media Fellow, Visual Arts

Theo Scott was selected as a 2018 U Revolution Media Fellow in the Visual Art category.

Theo is an illustrator, filmmaker, and artist from Newcastle upon Tyne, England. He has a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from the National Glass Centre at The University of Sunderland (2012-2013), and a BA Fine Art Printmaking from Northumbria University (2013-2016). In 2018 he was shortlisted for the Alexander McQueen Scholarship and the Gillian Dickinson North East young sculptor of the year award.

Theo believes satire is a catalyst for change. His work has focused on modern apathy and indifference, and how they have been bred into contemporary culture through over commodification and stimuli. He is interested in the benign and kitsch, and how the refinement of these garish themes usually lead to simple human truths. A selection of Theo’s work can be seen on Instagram.

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