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Portrait color photo of Tahmina Salim who was selected as a 2018 U Revolution Media Fellow in the Visual Art category. She is resting her hand on her chin, smiling at the camera. Her head is covered in a yellow shawl.

Tahmina Saleem

U Revolution Media Fellow, Visual Arts

Tahmina Saleem was selected as a 2018 U Revolution Media Fellow in the visual art category.

Born in 1994 in Kabul, Tahmina Saleem has a BA in Graphics and an MA in Visual Arts from Kabul University (KU). Currently, she is working as a Lecturer and an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Fine Arts in KU, as well as a Freelance Documentary Photographer with a particular focus on Afghan women. She is an alumna of Sahar Speaks program and an active member of Afghanistan Photographers Association (APA), Advocacy for Youth Network (AYN), and My Voice my Right campaign.

Ms. Saleem studied Photography and Contemporary Arts academically and has actively participated in several exhibitions, such as “Violence Elimination against Women” and “Women Empowerment” in Afghanistan. Her photo stories have been exhibited in Iran, Canada, Italy, China, and the United States.

In 2015, her photo won a special prize in a contest which was held by Paiwandgah in Afghan Impassion Organization. So far, her works are published in websites like: Huffington Post, News Deeply, Photo Journal, Yoga Journal, and the Guardian. She has served as a panel of jury members for the UNDP photo contest on the Sustainable Development Goals. She is also a member of the Afghan national chess team.



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