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Photo of Susie Ray with long brown hair. She is sitting on a wooden floor, hair covering her chest all the way down to her lap. She is holding a scissors up to her hair and has a playful smile.

Susie Ray

Susie Ray is a 21-year-old blogger from Brisbane, Australia who is finding hope through life with chronic illness. Becoming bed bound at 18 meant she had to radically change her outlook and goals in life. So she started writing about her journey on her blog Find Your Own Hope, where she catalogues her experiences whilst trying to encourage others to find their hope too. She also began growing her hair. Susie’s now severing her long locks to donate to charity, whilst aiming to raise awareness and money for the illnesses she suffers from – as she often has to explain her condition to the doctors she sees. You can also find Susie on Instagram.



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