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Using all the technicolor in her paint box, Molly Helfend uses her creative expression to illustrate the beauty of earth in a personal way. She writes and teaches about her passions, ranging from environmental sustainability and herbalism to health and wellness and travel. Molly graduated from University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a concentration in Holistic Health and recently graduated from University of Kent in Canterbury, England receiving her Masters of Science in Ethnobotany. She has interned with Urban Moonshine and Greenpeace, working to stop arctic drilling and the Keystone XL Pipeline, and received her herbal training by apprenticing with Spoonful Herbals. From Thailand to New Zealand to the British Virgin Islands, Molly conveys enthusiastic knowledge and experience for the amateur traveler to the more seasoned and trained eye. She is currently head writer of the conscious living magazine House of Citrine. She plans to continue traveling the world, researching plant-human interconnected relationships while educating about the transformational alchemy of nature. Molly educates anyone who wishes to get an expanded vision into her kaleidoscope of life.

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