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Close up portrait of Heather Watkins. Heather is smiling at the camera. They have long brown hair and is wearing a pearl necklace and orange blouse.

Heather Watkins

I’m a disability advocate, mother, graduate of Emerson College with a degree in Mass Communications and a resident of Boston, Massachusetts. I am currently involved in a community project to increase accessibility to local businesses for people with disabilities and serve on a handful of disability-related boards. I’m also a cane-user, daydreamer, chocolate lover, and believe music and food are medicine. Indulge me while I hold virtual salon and pontificate with grapes and dance from my seat.

Heather Watkins is the author of the blog “Slow Walkers See More,” which serves as her “personal mantra and an expression of my own experiences and viewpoints. It does not represent the positions of any organization I work for or with.”

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