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Gabriela Brenes portrait photo

Gabriela Brenes

U Revolution Media Fellow, Writing Arts

Gabriela Brenes was selected as a 2018 U Revolution Media Fellow in the Visual Art category.

Gabriela is a Costa Rican multimedia journalist obsessed with social inclusion, music, and digital storytelling. She’s a Chicas Poderosas ambassador, a 2018 Community Solutions fellow and a member of the 2018-2019 Solutions Journalism Mentorship cohort.

A restless explorer, this award-winning pianist turned to journalism and digital narratives to push the boundaries of immersive stories and education in Latin America. Truly passionate about transdisciplinary work and human-centered design, she’s constantly experimenting with digital platforms to tell stories in a more compelling way.

In a Venn diagram with digital strategy, social research, and multimedia literacy, she’d be right where the circles overlap.

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