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Uncomfortable Revolution is the place to have awkward conversations about chronic illness and disability.

We don’t give medical or clinical advice. Our focus is on the uncomfortable social moments that arise as we navigate the workplace, our friendships, or romantic relationships with a long-term illness or disability. Our tone is (sometimes irreverently) humorous, authentic, and a bit quirky. We are never preachy.

We define “chronic illness/disability” as any physical or psychological health condition that is long-term and affects everyday life. That means a visit to our website can lead to raw, authentic stories about any condition: from cancer, HIV/AIDS, and heart disease; mental illness, addiction or eating disorders; to MS and other mobility-affecting conditions. Illness and disability do not discriminate against age, lifestyle, gender etc.; so we expect our audience to be pretty universal in that regard.

We’ve just launched, and we’ve just begun to track our core audience demographics. We’re therefore looking for advertising partners who want to grow with us. We currently offer the following opportunities:

    Banner Ads – horizontal, vertical, and mobile
    Sponsored Articles
    Product Reviews
    Book Reviews
    Social Media Posts

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