The UREVOLUTION icon spells UREVOLUTION in all caps in black letters. There are four characters walking among the letters: one is a plus-sized woman wearing glasses and carrying a cane; the other is a woman with a prosthetic leg, the other is a little woman, and the fourth is a woman with an afro seated in a wheelchair.

The future of media is inclusive.   Join us.

Welcome to the magazine of the future: where body positivity includes our medical conditions, neuro-diversity, and ‘mismatched’ bodies.

Where diversity transcends ticking some boxes like a marketing experiment. Where everyone is welcome and represented no matter their color, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

URevolution™ was born from the belief that we’re all better off by discussing sensitive health topics, not just feeling awkward about them (or avoiding them). It all started when co-founder Brendan McDonald was diagnosed with leukemia. All of a sudden, he began having some pretty awkward conversations with colleagues and friends. Sometimes amusing, sometimes hurtful, he knew all of these interactions had one thing in common: most people don’t know what to say.

Living with chronic illness or disability means having difficult conversations. URevolution™ is the place to get better at having those conversations. To not be so afraid of them. To take away their power to make us feel so d#mn uncomfortable. So we can get better at being there for the people we love.

A social enterprise on a mission.

URevolution™ is a social enterprise on a mission to change the way people approach sensitive health topics that we sometimes (always) don’t want to talk about. But need to.

We value humor, diversity, social justice, and sustainability. We’re spunky and willing to shake things up, but we’re not malicious or disrespectful. We know disease doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we. We welcome all nationalities, colors, religions, and sexual orientations to join us.

This is Uncomfortable Revolution. Your UR revolution. Get uncomfortable.

Meet the team